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The One Page Business Plan

Training opportunity presented by CTD Creative Consulting

Recently, I attended a presentation given by Cynthia Rigg of Biz Diva hosted by Polka Dot Powerhouse – San Francisco. It was during one of the chapter’s regular meetings so the presentation was a short one but was it powerful. Cynthia had the group spend a few moments on a piece of the one page business plan process and I walked away with my vision statement in a matter of moments! This is something I have struggled with since becoming a solopreneur and now I am excited to witness the magic of the full one page document.

I am hosting a learning session presented by Cynthia on the One Page Business Plan process and I am inviting 7 of my ladyfriends to join me!


April 8, 2021 – May 6, 2021
Thursdays – 5 pm ET to 7 pm ET
5 weeks
Virtual Session
Spots available: Only 3 spots available
Cost: $197.00 per person

Deadline to register is March 29. Click here to register and make payment.

Cynthia Riggs, The Biz Diva, will guide us in the art of business planning using the One Page Business Plan® protocol. This is the fastest, easiest way to write your plan.

This straightforward process will bring new energy to your business. You’ll find that the greatest value is developing a one-year action plan that guides your business decisions and focuses your resources where they’ll be most productive.

Support Your Business Success With an Actionable Plan!

The One Page Business Plan® is a tool for building your business with care and intention.

· Your one page plan is a living, breathing document that will partner with you through the ebbs and flows of business growth.

· Hold yourself accountable while allowing shift and change to guide your path.

· Increase your commitment and track your progress.

“The single most important element that determines the success or failure of a small business is not developing a long-range business plan.”

-Improving the Health of Your Business, Nolo Press.

About the Facilitator

Cynthia Riggs is the Biz Diva! A successful entrepreneur since the age of 23, Cynthia built several businesses from the ground up, including a multimillion-dollar company she sold in 2004.

She became a One Page Business Plan consultant in 2006 and has continuously used the protocol to support emerging and established businesses step into their next level of success and profitability.

On a personal note, she believes her good fortune in life has been the ability to connect her passion to a profitable revenue stream, time and time again.

Her greatest joy is bringing women entrepreneurs into the seven figure business club.

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