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"Dennise is so amazing at truly listening and acknowledging what people say, and then answering in a helpful, professional manner. Her knowledge of digital marketing recommendations is right on the mark when it comes to building relationships with our various online communities."
Liz Pipitone - Navigation Virtual Solutions, LLC
“Dennise gives new meaning to the phrase relationship marketing. She not only knows her stuff, but is authentic and so much fun to collaborate with. If you are looking to grow and nurture your digital presence, you want Dennise on your team!!”
Stacy Covitz - StacyCo.com
"Dennise assisted me in completely updating my online presence with a website and social media. She has an incredible network of beneficial business colleagues and resources to share with her clients. I always have fun at our meetings - she is so upbeat and positive!"
Monique Orcutt - Garbolino Boutique
“Dennise is full of energy and passion to support women owned businesses. She helps her clients with enthusiasm and shares all kinds of knowledge about how to leverage the digital space.”
Saraphina Churchill - Images by Saraphina
“Dennise is an amazing digital marketing strategist who does a wonderful job for Lo Schiavo Genealogica!!! She's fun to work with and extremely knowledgeable. It's amazing how much we've accomplished
in such a short time period!.”
Melanie Holtz - Lo Schiavo Genealogica
"Dennise helped me revamp the online presence for my small business that included a beautiful website, launching my first industry blog, and an engaging social media presence. I appreciated her expertise, her supportive energy, and her wisdom in helping me market my business so successfully.
I highly recommend her!!"
Dolly Towne - Bookkeeping Towne
I just have to share that I have been working with Dennise for just a few months - and holy SMOKES - her insight and knowledge of having an online presence has changed my post engagements DRASTICALLY (like no joke, 200%, 1000% and 18000% increases). I feel so grateful for her suggestions. They always say that you can't do everything - and when it comes to your business and your online presence - it is no exception. Sometimes you need an outside guide to say, "hmm, maybe experiment and do x,y,z" ... I had no clue what I was doing wrong, and why my posts weren't getting as much engagement as it should, and she showed me the way! Thank you thank you thank YOU Dennise!!! Forever grateful for you!
Erika Stewart - It Clicks Photo