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Terra & Tea

As part of my Dames Who Do – PVD service, I am hosting a special event called Terra & Tea! The event is a celebration of the first weekend of summer. It includes a visit to the Roger Williams Botanical Center and a tea party at the Temple for Music!

When: Saturday – June 19 – 11 am to 2 pm

Where: Roger Williams Park + Botanical Center

Cost: $10.00 per person (cost for access to Center and tour with docent) (*)

Description:  A day to celebrate the first weekend of summer in a beautiful setting. Adhering to COVID rules, a potentially guided tour of the Botanical Center in Roger Williams Park.  After our walk around the Center, we then meet at the Temple for Music in order to drink our tea (we each bring our own beverage) and pastry treats (each brings a few to share with each other). We all wear something pink and if you have one, a fancy hat of some sort.


(*) In the event we do not have access to a docent, we will just do a self-guided visit at $5 each. Payment details will be provided!