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The Digi Dialogue Roundtable Info Session – 11/17/2022

I launched a service to bring the experts to you: The Digi Dialogue Roundtable Series! We gather in the zoom space to learn about tips for a strategic online presence. I interview experts about the basics on such topics as visual branding, brand positioning, marketing plans, leveraging LinkedIn, websites, and so much more. I also open up the space for a networking opportunity for attendees. Sessions take place the third Thursday of the month at 12 pm ET. If you are unable to attend, I will share a link to the recorded interview portion of the session.

NOVEMBER 17, 2022 (12 pm to 1 pm ET)

Stacy Covitz of StacyCo

Stacy is a Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategist and is proud to help small local and online business owners increase their revenue by getting more traffic to their business.

She has been working in the virtual world for about a decade and took an incredible course to learn all about Facebook and Instagram Ads. She learned how that one small change in a marketing strategy can help your business stand out and increase your sales.

Stacy is offer this FREE RESOURCE: Get your 5 Simple Steps to Getting Leads with Facebook Ads right here! You can also get your 10 Tips for Your Digital Marketing Strategy here!

Digi Dialogue November 17 2022