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The Relationship First! ™ Approach

What is The Relationship First! ™ approach?

As a business owner, we know that people hire us because of the “know, like, trust” factor.  It is also how our connections will refer potential clients to us. We don’t have to use ‘pushy’ sales approaches that do not feel authentic. Instead we can build relationships with our connections so they can learn about who you are and feel motivated to tell others about your services.

The Relationship First! ™ approach serves as a bridge between your marketing and sales strategy. It supports service-based businesses by reconnecting to the human side of marketing in order to build relationships that will lead to referrals. By building real connections, business owners can create a strong, long-lasting community of connections by using tools and a system to build awareness and cultivate connections that will lead to more referrals.

Our world has gone digital like no other time in history and we have forgotten how our customers are people, not algorithms. There is a place for digital marketing but it is just part of the process to creating lasting opportunities that will grow your business’ capacity.

Because people do business with people.

Step One: The Power Hour
In this one-to-one session, we will discuss your current digital presence and networking strategies through a basic assessment.  A recording of the session will be provided highlighting your top three priorities. 

Step Two: Living the Plan
Taking what is discovered in The Power Hour, I will help you create and implement a plan using my Relationship First! Approach ™ that leverages your online and relationship marketing activities using a client-centric focus.

Step Three: Consulting Services
My consulting package leverages the findings of the basic assessment, coupled with the implementation of a plan, and is combined with coaching and do-it-for-you support to help you stay on track with your goals.

I want to help you find, connect, and cultivate your referral partners!