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Relationship Marketing – CONNECTING WITH CUSTOMERS

Do you want to elevate your business relationships and communication and take your company or proprietorship to the next level? Women business owners all over the world can boost their own businesses in a plethora of ways by exploring the field of relationship marketing. Every day I see the limited awareness spread across the internet relating to the opportunities in expanding digitally in our world right now. I am here to help you and to solve that exact problem. Working with CTD Creative Consulting will help to do just that and teach you how you can branch out your business, including branding and advertising, through your strategies of digital and relationship marketing.

What is Relationship Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

Relationship marketing is one of the most relevant and effective digital marketing strategies used by business owners around the world. Relationship marketing is all about building customer loyalty through quality relationships and connections between a brand and its customer. We see relationship marketing as consisting of four basic aspects. These are to foster a continuous value exchange with the customer, to engage in real time, to unify loyalty and marketing, and to know all that is knowable about the customer. Relationship marketing follows the journey from a stranger to a loyal customer. 

How is it different from previous strategies? Relationship marketing is unlike transactional marketing, which has more of a focus on increasing sales within a business. And why not transactional marketing? Well, this is because it may not generate sufficient sales or production by reaching customers. Transactional marketing also does not keep customers coming back with the same effectiveness as relationship marketing

So, given the recent uptick in consumer privacy over the last decade, relationship marketing is emerging as the new and improved digital marketing strategies employed by businesses everywhere. This concept is extremely important to comprehend! It improves a customer’s experiences with a brand or company, and then turns that into repeat purchases with buzz around your company. Relationship marketing emphasizes customer experience first, rather than one-time sales, and it has become the future for marketing in business, especially for Second Act women business owners. We know that online customers today have easier access than ever before. So I am asking you to take part in this movement and sky rocket your influence!

In all, this strategy will benefit you your customer’s lifetime value, sustaining more consistent customers over a longer period of time, and keep many returning to work with you.

Are you ready to begin the process of looking at your online marketing strategy by using relationship marketing?  The first step is a strategy chat.  Click here to set up an appointment. I am passionate about connecting women business owners with their customers through relationship marketing. Let’s chat!.





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