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You can take the woman out of the nonprofit but not the nonprofit out of the girl.

I have been involved in the nonprofit sector for a couple of decades now. I started as a volunteer and later, found myself drawn to working for a mission to help change the world.

My work has ranged from helping out at events as a volunteer to serving as the executive director to leading boards. Although I have not been an employee with a nonprofit in the past few years, I am still drawn to supporting the sector as a consultant.

My support ranges from communications to fundraising strategies. This includes some of my favorite work: grants.

If your nonprofit needs to create a grants program, or an existing program needs some support, I would be happy to provide a free 30-minute consultation to evaluate how I can help you pursue grant support of your program.

“Dennise is a senior level development expert, grant writer, and marketing/social media consultant. She will do a fantastic job for you and she is so much more than just a grant writer – she is a writer extraordinaire!”

Clarinda White – Fundraising on a Mission