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Group Learning

I am a big fan of lifelong learning and collaborative leadership, especially when it comes to being an entrepreneur.  I am also a huge fan of sharing – connections, resources, etc.

I created two group learning experiences at CTD Creative Consulting:

  • The Digi Dialogue Sessions – Learn about client-centered marketing because relationship comes first, business comes second. I include other experts to share their tips on how to use your digital presence to build awareness about your business and I will share resources on how to create a streamlined method to create meaningful connections with your business contacts. As always, there is an opportunity to connect with other business owners, too.  You can learn more about upcoming sessions and pre-register here.

  • Amplification Allies – is an intentional peer networking group for B2B enterprises owned and operated by women. It also includes a book club that will feature various professional development books to help build our knowledge base on successful business practices.  You can learn more here.

If you are a fan of working with others to build your business, you know that relationships matter. One way to cultivate long-term connections, is to strategically use the digital space to communicate who you are and what you offer so the people who need you, find you.