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Invest in Your Clients to Grow Your Business

Hey there! Let’s dive into the world of marketing for service-based businesses – it’s all about acquiring new customers and enriching those relationships. 🚀 First things first, let’s talk about turning those unknown contacts into loyal clients. Even before they hire you, take the time to connect on a personal level. Ask them questions, understand […]

Let’s Doodle!

Karen Light is the brilliant creative mind behind HowDoodle which supports people in awaking their Inner Artist to create and lead their life and work through transformational doodle services, programs, and products. She hosts a podcast (aka doodlecast!) on Youtube that features working with various folks on talking about – and doodling about – an […]

Relationship Marketing – CONNECTING WITH CUSTOMERS

Do you want to elevate your business relationships and communication and take your company or proprietorship to the next level? Women business owners all over the world can boost their own businesses in a plethora of ways by exploring the field of relationship marketing. Every day I see the limited awareness spread across the internet […]