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BroadBand the Podcast: Sharon Brewster

Sharon Brewster

Hello – this is Broadband the podcast and I’m Dennise Kowalczyk – thanks for tuning in for episode #23. If this is your first visit, welcome! I created this podcast is to share some of the stories about women pursuing their dreams as solopreneurs.  Our conversations include a look back at how they got started and insights on tips as well as lessons learned. I have been so inspired hearing their stories of who inspired them and their generosity in sharing resources – that is what BroadBand the Podcast is all about. 

I am also excited to share that the show is sponsored in part by Bookkeeping Towne – a bookkeeping service provider in Rhode Island that also offers free online learning opportunities. You can learn more by visiting bookkeepingtowne.com – I will include a link in the show notes.

On today’s podcast, my guest is Sharon Brewster.  She is the CEO of Brewster Branding, an agency that take businesses and their teams to the next level by combining business, marketing, communications, and design thinking to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic brands for companies big and small, start-ups or stalwarts.

Thank you, Sharon, for sharing a bit of your story with us. I love how family means the most to her and has helped her find her place in the world. I also admire her approach to being flexible and adaptable to life’s experiences and that she is a lifelong learner.  You can learn more about all of the services that Sharon offers by visiting her website – brewsterbranding.com.

I am excited to announce that BroadBand the Podcast TV is now available on YouTube!  I will be sharing many of the conversations I have shared with you here, on the podcast, but on video. I will put a link in the show notes!

Have a great day and thanks for listening to Broadband – a podcast about Women in Business Sharing Their Wisdom.  On the next show: Isis Latham is my guest. Thanks again to Sharon of Brewster Branding for sharing some of her time and her wisdom with us! I also want to give a shout out of thanks to Melodyvision for the show’s theme music.

Until next time, I close this quote:

“Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing.”

Thanks again for joining me on BroadBand the Podcast. Have a great week!




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