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BroadBand the Podcast – Nicole Majik

On today’s podcast, my guest is a former chemist who is now a holistic healer. Nicole Majik survived a chemical poisoning and decided to do a major career pivot. She is now an empowerment alchemist who works with people in taking deeper dives into knowing themselves into a more powerful life.

You can learn more about Nicole’s services, workshops, events, speaking engagements, and blog by visiting majikllc.com. The site is chock full of free resources and she also has an online community that focuses on transformation.

BroadBand the Podcast TV is also available on YouTube! I am sharing many of the conversations I have shared with you here, on the podcast, but on video, too.

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BroadBand the Podcast is a production of CTD Creative Consulting, an agency that provides strategic digital support for nonprofits and small businesses. As your personal digital publicist, I work with you to build awareness about the brilliant thing that you – and only you – are bringing into the world. I do this a few ways: write compelling copy for your website or engaging blogs to build awareness about your expertise; use social media like LinkedIn to strengthen your social currency; I create e-newsletters to share out information about your offers; and, we work together to seek interview opportunities on podcasts and blogs to build your credibility and get in front of potential clients. As your very own publicist – we get the good word out about your services in a way that motivates people to want to learn more about what you do and to help grow your business. I help you use the digital space to connect with your clients. So, if you are ready to connect the dots to your success, let’s start with a chat!

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