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BroadBand the Podcast: Natalie Jones of Beer Feelings

Natalie Jones of BeerFeelings.com

Show Notes

Note: we do curse a couple of times in the show.  Nothing too racy!

Hello – this is Broadband the podcast and I’m Dennise Kowalczyk – thanks for tuning in for this new episode.  If this is your first visit, welcome! I created this podcast is to share some of the stories about women pursuing their dreams as solopreneurs. Our conversations include a look back at how they got started and insights on tips as well as lessons learned. I have been so inspired hearing their stories of who inspired them and their generosity in sharing resources – that is what BroadBand the Podcast is all about.

I am also excited to share that the show is sponsored in part by Bookkeeping Towne – a bookkeeping service provider in Rhode Island that also offers free online learning opportunities. You can learn more by visiting bookkeepingtowne.com .  

On today’s podcast, my guest is Natalie Jones. She is the founder of a new business in Colorado called Beerfeelings.com. She provides access to the brew world to women who are interested in learning more about beer all the while practicing some fun self-care. She offers meet ups and boxes of goodies to accomplish this. She is a big fan of working with a coach and I think she is really insightful in knowing how she navigates the world. Oh, and she is great fun to talk with….Thank you, Natalie, for sharing a bit of your story with us. “I love her insight – If you are never learning when you are wrong, you are never going to be right.” I also love her vulnerability. She’s got that special deal for you, dear listener: 15% off your summer relaxation kit! Visit beerfeelings.com/broadband for the deal.

I am excited to announce that BroadBand the Podcast TV is now available on YouTube! I will be sharing many of the conversations I have shared with you here, on the podcast, but on video.

Have a great day and thanks for listening to Broadband – a podcast about Women in Business Sharing Their Wisdom. On the next show: Sharon Brewster is my guest – she is the owner and operator of Brewster Branding, a web designer and logo creating company in New England. Thanks again to Natalie of Beerfeelings.com for sharing some of her time and her wisdom with us! I also want to give a shout out of thanks to Melodyvision for the show’s theme music. 

Until next time, I close this quote “Each time a woman stands up for herself without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” —Maya Angelou 

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