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BroadBand the blog: Erika Stewart

I launched a special blog series to honor and champion other women in business. This is a companion service to a podcast that launched on October 1, 2020.

My intention is to share insights of lessons learned by businesswomen and also elevate their services to the greater community. The goal is to inform and inspire other women with ideas in order to empower them to grow their own business ventures.

Erika Stewart of It Clicks Photo knows her craft. She did the photos for my website and was a dream to work with because of her professionalism and she is just plain ole fun to work with. She is a relatively recent transplant to the Ocean State by ways of Michigan and divides her time between the two states.

1.     How many years have you been in business?

I have been in business for 8 years

2.     Why is photography important to you?

Photography is important to me because it allows me to convey who a person is through imagery. Oftentimes, especially with Social Media, specifically Instagram, we compare ourselves for others making our self-worth go down. I’m here to show you just how beautiful you truly are. It makes me smile when a client regains that self-confidence after a shoot. They glow a different way, and that’s where I feel my sense of accomplishment.

3.     What makes your photography service different from other photographers?

Quite honestly, there is a major “in your face” comparison and that is I don’t put crazy filters over your photos. I make sure your brand, your family photos, or your wedding photos are captured and color balanced properly, so there isn’t confusion on what color your product is, what color the sky was, and what color your bouquets were. That’s just from the outside. From the inside, I truly care about my clients and making sure their vision comes to life the way they wanted. I am a photographer who likes collaborating with her client. I am not a know-it-all. I know there are things you know better than I do for your business, and I want to make sure it is heard and it is shown. I won’t enter a meeting nor a shoot with exact photos I want to capture until I hear the needs of my clients.

4.     If you could go back to your younger self, what kind of advice would you give yourself about your pursuit to create your own business?

Don’t compare yourself to others, keep pushing to be the best version of you. You are your biggest cheerleader, and even if it feels like no one is cheering you on, there is an entire village backing you up!

6.     Who influenced you – professionally?

My bosses, Jeremiah Campbell from Brickworks Property Management, and Michelle McFarland from The Wedding Shoppe. Both people are go-getters, don’t take “no” for an answer, and are constantly on trend for the latest and greatest thing coming in.

7.     What do you like to do for fun?

For fun, I love vintage shopping, camping, hosting friends for dinner, and lastly- DANCING. My husband and I love seeing live music and dancing the night away.

8.     What advice would you share with someone who is thinking about, or just beginning, managing their own business?

Keep going. Things will get tough and some days you will feel like throwing in the towel, but you have to push through those. What waits on the other end makes every late night and struggle worth it!

9.     What surprised you the most as a business owner?

How flexible you can be with your schedule. I know of some owners who will work themselves to the bone, but if you ensure you get the proper downtime you need, you’ll learn to realize you can have your cake AND eat it, too.

12.  Any suggestions on resources: books, podcasts, online learning, blogs + tools?

“You’re Welcome” by Hillary Rushford, B-School by Marie Forleo, any books by Gabby Bernstein, and Essentialism by Greg McKeon.

13.  Can you share a favorite quote? Treat others the way you want to be treated.

To listen to my conversation with Erika on BroadBand the Podcast, click here.

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