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BroadBand the Blog: DJ Horton

DJ Horton

I launched a special blog series to honor and champion other women in business. This is a companion service to a new podcast that launched on October 1, 2020.

My intention is to share insights of lessons learned by businesswomen and also elevate their services to the greater community. The goal is to inform and inspire other women with ideas in order to empower them to grow their own business ventures.

DJ Horton is another entrepreneuer I met through my membership with Polka Dot Powerhouse, which is a membership-based women’s networking group that starts with relationship before business.  DJ has impressed me with her ‘roll up your sleeves and get to it’ work ethic.  She is also very generous with sharing tips and resources.

1. How long have you been a business owner? 
Most of my life!  I started out at 2 years old selling painted pet rocks by the side of the road – long before pet rocks were a thing!

2.    What motivated you to pursue self-employment? 
I think I was born with the instinct to do my own due diligence and then take action.  Hard to sit around waiting for an “employer” to do their due diligence and then “get back to you” meanwhile the opportunity has passed.  So, I guess my impatience had a lot to do with that motivation.

3.    What do you love about it? 
I love the flexibility.  Though I must admit I’m a pretty tough boss, but I wouldn’t want to work for anyone else long term!

4.    If you could go back to your younger self, what kind of advice would you give yourself about your pursuit to create your own business? 
I’d like to say do it sooner, but I would have been in diapers!  But in all seriousness I would encourage my younger self to take more chances.  The worse that can happen is that you learn what not to do in the future.  Failing faster helps you grow faster as long as you reflect and make course corrections along the way.

5.    Who has influenced you to be the best version of yourself? 
I’ve had many mentors along the way.  My Grandpa and my Dad always believed that I could do anything I put my mind to and never treated me differently because I was a girl.  My family always encouraged me in anything I tried.  From the Governor of the State of Rhode Island to Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and Linda Lindsey (a personal mentor), I have always looked to others to help me grow and to put things in perspective if I am not seeing clearly.

6.    What advice would you share with someone who is thinking about, or just beginning, managing their own business? 
Be the toughest but fairest boss you have been.  Then step it up.  Being in business for yourself is not like being an employee.  You cannot turn it off at the end of the day or the business might just walk away.

7.  What do you do to enjoy your life to the fullest? 
Connect with family & friends; travel to different places; garden; drink lots of yummy wines; and always challenge myself to be and do something just a little out of my reach so that I keep growing.

8.  If you were given a million dollars, what would you do with it? 
Interesting question.  I would invest ½ of it so I would continue to grow; pay off my debts and buy a home in another country to vacation in.  Then I would use the rest to travel throughout the world building my Neora franchise (team).

9. Any suggestions on resources: books, podcasts, online learning, blogs , and other tools? 
Average Sucks by Michael Bernoff; The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson; Untethered Soul; anything by Jim Rohn.  For tools: Planoly…podcasts there are so many great ones out there but LiveHappy has really great content.

10.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
On a beach surrounded by friends planning out the next 5 years!

11.  Can you share a favorite quote? 
“Empowerment is at its best when individuals can meet their own goals while also contributing to the achievement of group goals.” – Paul J Meyer

Learn more about DJ here:

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