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A New Course on Collaborative Cross Promotions

Hey there!

I came across this new platform and I’m looking at creating a three week, live workshop series specifically to support business broads like us – this is not a sales pitch, but rather some R for my D (research to develop my offer).  I always wanted to become a teacher but, alas, it never came into being but now I might be able to do so at some point!

My idea is all about using collaborative cross promotions – keeping things relational, not so darn transactional. The course I’m thinking of creating will give you tips on how to build a ‘promotions pod’, which is a small group of other business women working together to help each other succeed in the noisy world of online marketing and have a little fun doing it!. I’ve been consulting on digital marketing for 7+ years now – I love the strategy and I love the content creation part of it – but sometimes it just feels like way too much for just one person to do.  That’s where Amplification Allies comes in!

I’ve been working with a group of other women who are solopreneurs for the past year on this very thing.  Not only did several share that they feel way more confident about doing the cross promotional work, they actually started getting new clients as a result.  

I so love that, don’t you?

Anyway, I would love your feedback on the things that drive you a little batty about digital marketing and to also find out what you think about marketing plans. Perhaps, at some point, coach you on this whole concept of how we can really help each other out when it comes to this whole online marketing scene. In the meantime, would you be willing to share your two cents with me?  It will help me figure out the best way to share this idea with you and other gals who want to finally get a handle on their digital marketing.

Thank you for taking the time out to do this for me – so appreciate it!


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